comment: Apple's v. the F.B.I.'s approach to privacy and realism

Apple’s standpoint is, without question, a marketing standpoint. But marketing itself is not bad or wicked. By giving the customer, the consumer, and their users a clear understanding of the security and of the protection of their data, Apple is taking a bold move for all sides. The users of Apple products can be ensured that they come first as the interest of the company. ...

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Max Dittrich
Watch Sales - “Calm down and look in the future possibilities” - a look at two sides

... When we judge about Watch, we should remember that is a young product, and Apple is listening and learning from the requests of users like no other company. Looking in the future is like looking in a tunnel of light. The future of the Watch is promising, with the release of of watchOS 2, developers will be able to ship native apps, which can already be developed. WatchKit allows rich applications without streaming the UI from the iPhone and having the the computing processing on the phone. ... {more in the blog post}

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